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Accidental drug overdose is a leading cause of premature death and is a rising concern in the towns that make up Naugatuck Valley.

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NVMRC is pleased to announce it has curriculum specific to Naugatuck Valley for its community members, no matter their knowledge or experience with opioids!

NVMRC will be conducting a series of community training events throughout the Valley that covers:

- Understanding Opioids

- How to Identify an Overdose

- How to Administer Narcan

- Good Samaritan Laws & MRC Liability Protection

- Community Support Information & Resources

Naugatuck Valley Overdose Prevention & Education

N.O.P.E. Campaign


The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) awarded the Naugatuck Valley Medical Reserve Corps (NVMRC) with a 2017 Medical Reserve Corps Challenge Award to help combat the worsening opioid epidemic Connecticut is facing. Funding for this opportunity was available through a cooperative

agreement between NACCHO and the Department of Health

and Human Services’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for

Preparedness and Response (ASPR).

In response to the increasing number of opioid-related fatal

overdoses in Connecticut, the Department of Public Health

sponsored a pilot program that distributed intranasal naloxone

(Narcan©), along with opioid overdose prevention education, to

opioid users and to trusted people in their lives such as family,

friends, and staff of human services programs. During the summer

and fall of 2016, the NVMRC and Echo Hose Ambulance Company

took advantage of the DPH program and hosted three training

sessions with approximately 30 attendees in each.

To continue the momentum established in 2016 by the CT DPH, the

NVMRC is excited to bring more education and resources tothe Valley through establishing the Naugatuck Valley Overdose Prevention & Education (N.O.P.E.) Campaign!

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