If you are interested in volunteering for the MRC, you can click here to find a local MRC unit near you! Once you locate a unit in your area, click on the blue dot to view detailed unit information, including the MRC unit leader's contact information.


If you are interested in volunteering for the Naugatuck Valley MRC, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: To register as a Naugatuck Valley MRC Volunteer, please visit the states volunteer management website: CT Responds! 


Step 2: Click the yellow "Register" button on the CT Responds! website to create your account and profile. 

Step 3: 
Please fully complete your profile and you will be accepted into an MRC Organization.

Step 4: Once you are accepted into an MRC organization, you will receive emails regarding opportunities for orientations, loyalty oaths, and trainings. 

Step 5: 
Once you complete the mandatory orientation and loyalty oath, if a volunteer opportunity arises, your unit leader will reach out to volunteers that match the needs based on profile completeness, skills, trainings, medical licensure verification, and availability. 

A dedicated team of volunteers sustained over time to strengthen

public health, emergency preparedness and community resiliency.

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How do I become a MRC volunteer?